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Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons

Winners and Highly Commended Entries for the 2016 Wellbeing Awards

Our entries were judged under the headings of communication, training and development, team building and networking, and promotion of wellbeing, resilience and stress management

All the winning and highly commended entries demonstrated strong leadership. In addition, between them, they demonstrated that they were delivering under a range of headings which, taken together, contribute to a happy, healthy workforce.

Small Practice Category

Winner: 387 Veterinary Centre, Walsall

387 Vets epitomise the importance of wellbeing at the core of everything they do: it’s key to their culture and has been from the day the practice first opened. This comes from the top with evidence of strong leadership from husband and wife team, Hamish and Rachel Duncan…. read more

Highly Commended: Cirencester Vets4Pets

Joint Venture Partner, Martina Eyre-Brook believes that each team member should feel valued and listened to and that being able to have a laugh and enjoy yourself at work is a priority. Happy staff create a happy work environment and Martina believes that a key component is clear written protocols, agreed and signed up to by the whole team…. read more

Highly Commended: Hyde Park, Central London

This practice takes pride in the fact that those working there say work is an extension of their family life… in a good way. Their central London location means that they are able to open early but close at 5:30, Monday to Thursday and at 4:00pm on a Friday…. read more

Highly Commended: North Tyneside Vets4Pets

The team at North Tyneside demonstrated in an extraordinary way, how working together for a charitable purpose can bond the team, improve morale and increase overall wellbeing…. read more

Medium Sized Practice

Winner: Valley Vets, Cardiff

Staff management in general and attention to Wellbeing in particular is arguably harder for medium sized practices who are too large to give every member of staff undivided attention, but not large enough to employ more management staff and delegate. At Valley Vets, the wellbeing agenda is led by Practice Manager, Nichi Tanner, although at times, looking after her team has put pressure on her own wellbeing…. read more

Highly Commended: Rowan Veterinary Centre

Highly Commended: Stanley House Veterinary Group

Like many other practices, the team at Stanley House Vets found themselves working harder and harder in order to provide the level of service they believed their clients deserve. Employing more staff would help, but as everyone knows, finding the right people at the right price is increasingly difficult. Their solution? To act like a family, making their practice somewhere people want to work and stay and then extending their reach to new graduates…. read more

Highly Commended: Swindon Vets4Pets

Clare Dudley and Tanya Crawley are joint JVPs; Claire’s background is the Navy, and she leads on people development, Tanya, a vet, leads on clinical development. They believe that the profession is full of passionate, dedicated individuals but that this can sometimes be taken for granted, leading to staff burnout. Claire and Tanya demonstrate strong leadership and well developed staff development programmes…. read more

Highly Commended: Bell Equine, Kent

Bell Equine is an equine first opinion and referral clinic with hospital facilities. As the only equine practice to be Highly Commended in the awards, it highlighted some of the specific wellbeing issues around ambulatory vets and the subsequent isolation and lonliness they can face. Bell Equine demonstrated how they tackle this…. read more

Highly Commended: Sandhole Veterinary Centre, Kent

Husband and wife team, Verity and Ian Johnson felt that their experience reinforced the idea that veterinary practice can attract caring, over achieving, perfectionists and that the demands of the job can make these people particularly vulnerable. That, combined with increasing focus within the profession on mental health led them to set up an initiative to put wellbeing at the heart of their culture…. read more

Highly Commended: Westmoor, Devon

Westmoor is an example of how a strong belief in wellbeing and strong leadership from the top (in this case the Clinical Director and Practice Manager/Head Nurse) sets the tone and a supportive open culture throughout the whole practice…. read more

Large Practice

Winner: White Cross

White Cross has grown under the management of Tim Harrison into a very large practice with 170 people working for them across 16 centres. Tim, who is not a vet, runs the business in partnership with his Dad and vet, Craig. Wellbeing is embedded throughout the practice with a dedicated ‘Engagement and Development Manager’, Ed Newbould…. read more

Highly Commended: Highcroft, Bristol

Highcroft is a large, multi-branch first opinion and referral practice which demonstrates that excellent communication is possible regardless of the size of the practice and that good communication is good for staff wellbeing as well as being a key contributor to effective team work…. read more

Highly Commended: Rutland House

Rutland house is a busy first opinion and referral hospital in St Helens, with 9 branch surgeries. Like many other practices, they have found it increasingly difficult to recruit experienced vets and so have introduced a New Graduate Programme, looking after the development and wellbeing of young during the first stage of their careers…. read more

Highly Commended: Vets Now

As a dedicated out of hours service, individuals working for Vets Now are particularly vulnerable to isolation from friends and families.   The company have a robust policies in place to counter this and support the Wellbeing of their teams. Infact, there are so many initiatives across the group that a head office Wellbeing Team has now been established to co-ordinate them…. read more

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