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Vets: Stay, Go Diversify (VSGD) is an international community of veterinary professionals who support each other in pursuing fulfilling careers.  The VSGD facebook group is a community forum of 12k+ members intended to provide a forum for free, independent and safe exchange of information between veterinarians considering diversification of their careers as well as for veterinarians to receive advice for how to remain satisfied in the clinic.

SPVS is a not-for-profit organisation for professionals within the veterinary industry which provides a wide range of excellent advice, guidance and support for its members.  These member services include free CV reading for students and recent graduates, practical advice and top tips for students and practitioners on how to improve EMS and an annual salary survey.

To help VSGD to provide resources, development opportunities and events, simply join SPVS and SPVS will donate 15% of your membership fee to VSGD!

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