SPVS and VMG have partnered with Keystone and VetPodCasts to bring you a series of podcasts during these strange and challenging times.

Over the coming weeks and months as the crisis unfolds and in its aftermath, we will be bringing you stories from vets, nurses, practice managers and those who support the profession, from both the UK and overseas. Among our first is a podcast from Elaine Fisher from HR4Vets with her interpretation of how vets can use Furlough Leave effectively in practice and how it might apply to split rotas with two teams working one week on; one week off. We also speak to Bash Halow in New York and two vet practices in the UK to hear how they are managing in the current crisis. Simply click the button below to access these podcasts.Some of you will be frantically busy; others will have unexpected time on your hands. So we will also be posting a selection of podcasts from SPVS/VMG Congress 2020, an event which feels like a lifetime ago, not just two months.

With respect to the Covid-19 podcasts, please let us know of any topics you would like us to cover, or if you have stories to tell about how you and your team are juggling the joint challenges of business, clients, fellow team members, friends and family. You can also tell us of any topics you would like us to cover in future Congresses or CPD. We are looking at ways that we can bring more of these to you online.