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The Colourful Consultation programme, designed and presented by Brian Faulkner BSc (Hons), BVM&S, CertGP(SAM), CertGP(BPS), MBA, MSc(Psych), MRCVS  helps vets develop confidence and communication skills whilst delivering veterinary consultations.

The Vet Whisperer programme is a 6 webinar sub-programme (totalling 3.5 hours of CPD) which sits within the Colourful Consultation vet programme
The programme is based upon the premise that in order to develop authentic and sustainable feelings of confidence we need to be ‘intelligent’ with and about 6 drivers of Self-Doubt that undermine our sense of self-confidence. (The hallmark of any form of intelligence is the ability to adapt in order to make progress when faced with challenge, adversity and set-back.)
These 6 drivers are doubt, deadlines, difficulty, disappointment, disagreement and disapproval all of which are inherent within veterinary practice.
The 6 webinars describe the various psychological capacities we need to be able to recognise, understand and adapt to each of these drivers of self-doubt. Each webinar is illustrated using examples and contexts specific to veterinary practice such as coping with wobbles of self-doubt relating to bitch spays or when feeling unsure about to say when you are unsure about what is causing these symptoms in this patient in front of you…right now!

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