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Hazlewoods: leading veterinary accountants providing business advice to all types of veterinary practice.  Hazlewoods have a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the veterinary profession, from their daily support, guidance and conversations with practices and their teams.  Their support goes well beyond traditional accountancy services of accounts and tax, with expert knowledge of pricing strategy, remuneration, valuation and succession planning to name just a few other areas.  Hazlewoods have worked closely with SPVS on our latest profitability survey.  Click here for videos, case studies and much more about what Hazlewoods can offer you:  https://www.hazlewoods.co.uk/sectors/vet-accountants

SPVS EMS Survey 2021 – Highlights Report

This survey focuses on practitioners’ opinions on EMS provision and was conducted to follow on from the previous work conducted by Association Veterinary Students focusing on EMS from the students perspective