DSL Dedicated Debt Collection for the Veterinary Industry

DSL are the UK’s leading veterinary debt collection company, working with independently and corporately owned practices throughout the UK for over 16 years.
As a veterinary debt specialist, we are familiar with veterinary terms used and the correct manner in which a complaint should be made/registered and the mediation process in situations where the relationship has broken down between vet and customer. We pride ourselves on a consultative approach to client engagement, which involves an onboarding call to each practice wishing to use DSL for its debt recovery services.
Our approach would review the existing debt strategy used by SPVS members and recommendations will be made for improvements [where required] to reduce the risk of bad debt.
DSL offers a full debt recovery service, this includes supporting a practice through the process of taking a debtor to court in order to obtain a CCJ [County Court Judgment] in England and Wales and a Decree in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The debt recovery process which we have established over the last 16 years enables us to identify can’t pay’s and won’t pay’s early in the collection process.
We are able to offer an interest free, repayment arrangement for the debt to be cleared over when the debt cannot be discharged as a single payment.
We remit monies collected on a weekly basis.

SPVS Member Offer

FREE debt toolkit, (good customer onboarding practice, debt collection/recovery letter templates) to be used prior to case referral to DSL
Reduced corporate collection commission of 15% for SPVS members (this is only charged in the event of the monies DSL collects)

Email Martin at Martin.Jackson@dsluk.net to arrange a initial, no obligation conversation.