Motivating and Engaging the Practice Team

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Get  the basics right!  Essential advice and tips on motivating and engaging your team from Pete Orpin, SPVS board member, and a team of in-practice professionals.

Post Covid it would be timely to look at how to re-engage teams. Recruitment of new staff is challenging and the need to retain and motivate your existing team is essential for businesses to thrive. Using in-practice case studies, this day will cover how to get the basics right – both the theory, and the reality. We will demonstrate how approach, systems, structures and roles are all key in effective team engagement. The day will also include a detailed case study from a multi-site practice on ‘what makes a great day at your practice.’

  • Introduction and motivational principles 
    The theory and background to motivating teams (basic principles and variety of approaches)
    The importance of empowerment  (principles and examples)
    Core principles of leadership – getting the basics right
    Examples of de motivational disasters/ motivational successes in other businesses
  • Money as a motivator – does profit related pay work? 
    Importance of a fair remuneration system for all
    How to create a consistent, transparent pay system
    How to get bonuses and profit related pay systems to work optimally
  • Engaging the practice team 
    Practical experiences and top tips of how to motivate teams in vet practice.  What has worked? What to avoid.
    The top 3 things you have to do to create a culture which motivates the team to do more
    One practice’s experience of the culmination of engaging the team over the years to the point of an Employee-Owned Trust
  • What makes a great day in practice 
    How a practice leader can establish what makes a great day in their practice – the importance of the team in generating the solution
    Use of the metaplan approach as a tool
    How important the team is in terms of defining both the culture but also the level of motivation/ engagement.
  • The importance of compassionate leadership  
    The power of emotional intelligence in veterinary practices
    Introduction to omni-compassion
    Practical tools for building the culture of compassion in your practice
  • Delegation and Empowerment
    How to delegate effectively- what to do or not to do
    Examples of successful empowerment / engagement in other industries
  • Delegation – Getting it right in practice 
    Why delegation is important!
    Practical examples of how delegation can help lessen the load on the leader and engage the team
  • Panel discussion
    How to make a practice with class leading retention and motivation of staff

Attendees will leave the day with the confidence to take what they’ve learned to implement in practice.

Who will benefit
Anyone and everyone responsible for managing an in-practice team.


Pete Orpin, SPVS
Pete Orpin is a Board member of SPVS, vet and recently retired from the Park Vet Group in Leicestershire. Motivating and engaging the PVG team helped expand the business from a 4 vet practice to a 120 people business operating 7 business operations over 4 geographic sites. Practice data shows that motivation creates a highly effective practice team and drives performance at all levels.

Matthew Flann, Pennard Vets
Matthew is a vet of 20 years’ experience and Managing Director at Pennard Vets. He believes in challenging the status quo and seeks to improve team engagement, service delivery and client experience in progressive, innovative ways.

Natalie Granger, Park Vets
Natalie is Lead Clinical Director of the Park Vet Group in Leicestershire. She has nearly 20 years’ experience in primary care and farm practice, and is passionate about creating happy, stable teams that are engaged and committed to the practice. Teasing out issues and driving action through tasking teams to find the solutions is key to delivering this”

Vicki Farbon, Scott Veterinary Clinic
Vicki is a director of Scott Veterinary Clinic and a members of SPVS Board.  Alongside the clinical work she a passion for business development, responsible leadership, promoting financial literacy within the practice and encouraging an excellent standard of EM

Sarah Colegrave, Mill House Veterinary Hospital
Qualifying from Cambridge in 1989, I have spent most of my career working at Mill House Veterinary Hospital in King’s Lynn. After several years working part time while I had young children, I returned to full time work, became Clinical Director in 2016, completed my Certificate in Emergency and Critical Care and then my Certificate in Small Animal Surgery. I am a member of the IVC Evidensia Clinical Board. I was recognised in 2019 by the RCVS as an inspirational leader.

Olivia Oginska
Olivia is a veterinary surgeon, positive psychology coach, international speaker, certified workplace conflict mediator and creator of Vet Gone Real platform, through which she provides coaching and mental support to individuals and veterinary teams in Europe, North America and Oceania.

Pete Stevens, Director/Tutor, Agile Group
Pete has been a business owner, coach and mentor for over 20 years. He is the lead trainer for the Agile Group. Pete has trained thousands of managers, leaders and business owners throughout the UK, Ireland, and Europe. He has won several Awards for coaching and mentoring as was “Mentor of the Year” for Business supporting the Arts. The Agile Group won the National Training Award, for the best training company in the UK in 2012.  Pete has worked with SPVS for over 2 years developing unique Leadership Programmes for Veterinary Practices and to date over 20 Practice Managers have passed the ILM level 3 qualification with several going on to do the Degree programme at level 5.