Mental Health and Wellbeing

Working in a veterinary environment is challenging and can be tough. Vets need to assess and understand complex and often incomplete clinical information and at the same time exercise considerable physical skills. On top of this we have to maintain a compassionate and professional attitude towards patients, clients and colleagues. We also need to do this at a level of efficiency which ensures an adequate income for ourselves and the practices we work in.

Recognising we may need support is a strength that enables us to take action and seek help.

Vetlife is a registered charity which supports everyone in the veterinary community. It is completely independent of any other veterinary organisations and all support is free, independent and confidential. If you are finding it hard to cope, or are concerned about a colleague, Vetlife can help with confidential support.

Vetlife Helpline offers confidential emotional support to everyone in the veterinary community.

Confidential telephone support 0303 040 2551

This is a 24-hour service available 365 days a year.

Visit for more information.