ILM Level 5 Leadership and Management Qualification

The ILM level 5 certificate is a qualification at degree level.  SPVS has tailored this programme to deliver results for yourself, your staff, and your practice whilst still achieving the rigour demanded by an accredited qualification at this level.

Who is this qualification for?

The Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management is specifically designed for those Leaders who have responsibilities for:

• Developing the Vision and longer-term goals
• Creating the annual strategic business plan
• Communicating and monitoring the Practice priorities
• Stimulating innovation and enterprise within the Practice
• Supporting and developing staff to achieve greater results
• Inspiring others to plan for change
• Improving the profitability of the Practice

The Certificate builds upon and broadens the leadership and management skills gained through experience. The workshops focus on providing practical examples with lots of opportunity to discuss how leadership theory works best, in real situations in your Practice.

The Programme consists of 4 Modules:
• Understanding the Management Role to improve performance
• Effective Leadership
• Management Communications
• Developing people in the workplace

Each of the modules will be run over two workshops (2 months) as you will be required to assess and evaluate your own Practice and decide what works best for you, given your unique team, i.e. age, experience, skills, personalities, leadership styles, culture, values, history, etc.  You will write a short assignment on each module of approx. 3000 words to explain how you have, or will, improve your Practice and / or own performance.

Module One – Understanding the Management Role to improve performance

• Developing and communicating the Vision, direction, and the priorities.
• Allocation of specific roles and clarity of responsibilities.
• Communication and motivation of all staff.
• Evaluating performance including own strengths and development areas
• Develop own personal improvement plan

Module 2 – Effective Leadership


• Leadership Theories — what works best for your Practice
• Evaluate own ability to use different styles in different situations
• Use Emotional Intelligence to review the effect on Practice performance.
• Review own ability to motivate, delegate, and empower others
• Develop own personal development plan

Module 3 – Management Communications

• Communication theories, styles and how they help or hinder your Practice.
• Share examples of messages being misunderstood: – tone, jargon, stress etc.
• Develop improvement strategies for own practice and implement
• Collect and analyse feedback from all stakeholders
• Develop own personal development plan

Module 4 – Developing People in the workplace

• Evaluate and assess the potential benefits for developing all staff
• Understand the 46 different interventions for developing people
• How to manage the expectations of individuals for personal development
• Develop a Practice Plan for the future

The workshops will be very practical with lots of time given to analyse and discuss what works best in each unique Practice. This programme has been designed to give you tools and techniques to improve the performance within the Practice, but not tell you what will work best, only you can make those decisions, and those will be based on clear evaluation data.

This course is flexible in format to allow students to study in a time frame and format that suits them.
To gain the qualification students must complete all four modules and join the ILM.  There is no time limitation and the programme can be built up over months or years.  The modules can be studied in any order.
In addition, students who are not interested in gaining the qualification, but who want the skills and knowledge, can simply take one or two modules.

If you have any queries or wish to talk to the course organiser please email