ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring Qualification

The ILM level 5 certificate is a qualification at degree level. SPVS has tailored this programme to deliver results for yourself, your staff, and your practice whilst still achieving the rigour demanded by an accredited qualification at this level.
Who is this qualification for?
This programme is ideal for those people who are coaching and mentoring in their management role, or want to, and engaged in improving the performance of others. The content will be very practical:-

• Workbooks developed to support learning
• Zoom workshops to fit your work schedule
• 1-2-1’s after every workshop to support understanding
• Peer group practical coaching / mentoring sessions
• Flexible assignment deadlines to suit individual work commitments
• Unlimited tutor support throughout programme
• Individual Mental Resilience questionnaire with feedback

The programme has been developed by veterinary professionals and focusses on what works best, in the real situations in your Practice

There are three assignments to complete over a 10-month period (min). there will be eight short Zoom workshops each approximately 2 ½ hours long which are run monthly. These will be very interactive and presented in a relaxed atmosphere of learning. The three assignments are explained below:-

Assignment 1
Understanding effective Coaching and Mentoring within an organisational context (your practice/organisation)

Research and critical review of the role of a coach or mentor, difference between coaching and mentoring, use of coaching and mentoring in organisations, integration of coaching and mentoring in organisations, role of contracting, confidentiality, ethics etc. (a theory paper)

Assignment 2
Undertaking effective Coaching and Mentoring within an organisational context (your practice/organisation)

Assignment 2 in detail:- This is a record of your 18 hours of coaching or mentoring. There will also be other documentation such as reflections, logs, feedback forms, and other tools used during the 18 hours of practical work.

Assignment 3
Review own ability as a coach/mentor within an organisational context (self-reflection on above)

This will be in the form of a diary of your learning and reflections over the whole programme. This will provide a journey of your learning and skill development throughout the programme and on your ability to perform effectively as a coach and mentor.

Content is a mix of theory and practice with case studies, which will be discussed at great length during the programme. We pride ourselves on delivering not just content but a learning experience second to none. It will be as practical as possible, with lots of opportunities for peer coaching / mentoring to build up your confidence and skills.

Throughout the programme and particularly when undertaking the practical coaching / mentoring work you will be supported by your personal tutor who can help with any queries and support you through these coaching / mentoring sessions.

This course is flexible in format to allow students to study in a time frame and format that suits them. To gain the qualification students must complete all three assignments and join the ILM. There is no time limitation, and the programme can be built up over months or years.

In addition, students who are not interested in gaining the qualification, but who want the skills and knowledge, can simply attend all the workshops undertake the practical sessions, complete a number of hours of practical work, but not submit any assignments

If you have any queries or wish to talk to the course organiser, please email