SPVS ILM Qualifications
Leadership and Management Levels 3 & 5
Coaching and Mentoring Level 5

SPVS Board members, Leigh-Anne Brown and Ryan Davis discuss the new qualifications with Pete Stevens, course organiser and James Westgate, Vet Times.

Leadership and Management ILM Level 3

This ILM level 3 qualification is ideal for those individuals who have management responsibilities but no formal training or are lacking in confidence with their current level of knowledge. It has been designed to support and develop managers in several areas relating to leadership, management and personal effectiveness. It is an active learning process that will incorporate “learning by doing” on related tasks specific to the needs of individuals as well as the Practice.

This programme will be run over 12 weeks

Leadership and Management ILM Level 5

The second qualification is ILM level 5 which is ideal for those in a more senior position and recognise they must satisfy a variety of stakeholders and want to invest in their own leadership development. These individuals create organisational and personal impact through their engagement with all levels of the business. They are likely to be involved in the strategic direction of the practice and thereafter motivating staff to maintain a high-performance culture.

This degree level programme consists of 4 modules.

Coaching and Mentoring ILM Level 5

The ILM level 5 certificate is a qualification at degree level. SPVS has tailored this programme to deliver results for yourself, your staff, and your practice whilst still achieving the rigour demanded by an accredited qualification at this level.  This programme is ideal for those people who are coaching and mentoring in their management role, or want to, and engaged in improving the performance of others. The content will be very practical.

What is your leadership style?
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This questionnaire is included in module two of the level 3 course