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GradTrack is a joint collaborative programme designed by SPVS and VDS Training to provide non-clinical training for veterinary graduates and those supporting them in practice.

“Really great course, would definitely recommend it to any new grad – even if one or two years graduated” – GradTrack Delegate

NEW format for 2021-22!

Why GradTrack?

Being an effective veterinary practitioner requires satisfying a range of stakeholders we come into contact with as part of our daily work, including our patients, clients,  employers,  colleagues and ourselves.  Satisfying these stakeholders effectively and consistently requires more than just good clinical outcomes.  Whilst you may not believe it yet, a lack of clinical knowledge and skill isn’t what will cause you the most ‘stress’ during your career – it is gaps in your non-clinical skills repertoire.

GradTrack is a unique course created to address these gaps from the outset of your career, equipping you to purposefully pursue the breadth of outcomes required to become a successful veterinary practitioner.

For Veterinary Graduates

  • Develop skills to help you become happier and more fulfilled as a vet
  • Learn strategies to help you overcome day-to-day challenges in practice
  • Boost your confidence at work
  • Improve how you communicate with clients and colleagues
  • Develop your awareness of the commercial aspects of practice
  • Thrive, rather than just survive, in practice.

Starting work in practice can be a baptism of fire – we know, we’ve been there! There are the negative thoughts, the stressful consults, the challenge of working in a team and the difficult conversations with owners (and your boss!). However, it doesn’t have to be like this and the support you receive in your first few years will make a huge difference to both your wellbeing and your performance.

Through practical tools and strategies, GradTrack will help empower you to become the vet you want to be!

NEW format for 2021-22

We’ve developed GradTrack into a NEW 12-month programme with shorter, more regular online workshops and included specialised workshops for veterinary graduates working in farm and equine practice too!

GradTrack, for graduates working in independent practice, is a programme of nine online workshops which award a total of 45 CPD hours.

GradTrack is a rolling programme and you can choose to start on any of the dates below. The workshops can be booked as a full programme, or you can choose to attend single days.