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Health & Safety policy template

Do you have a Health & Safety policy for your business? And, if you do, are you confident it is up to scratch and actually protecting your business?
If you have over five employees, you legally need to have a written Health & Safety policy. But that can be easier said than done when you’re running a busy business.
So, use our Working in Association with SPVS @Citation’s free Health & Safety policy template to create your own, best-practice Health & Safety policy quickly and easy to keep your business on the right side of the law.

A guide to heat stress at work

When the temperature soars and the mercury starts rising, it’s very easy for you and your people to get flustered and frustrated with the rising heat. Whether you work outside in the heat or you’re an office-based business, the heat can get to all of us. And as an employer you have a legal obligation to look after the Health & Safety of everyone in your business’ premises.

In this exclusive free guide, Citation have put together a beginners’ guide to heat stress in the workplace – how to spot it and how to stop it.

Includes:  What is heat stress?,  Spotting the signs and symptoms, Conducting proper risk assessments, How to limit heat-based risk in 8 simple steps

Health & Safety handbook template

Providing your team with a Health & Safety handbook is one of the most effective ways to make sure your Health & Safety policies are communicated across your organisation.

It’s a legal requirement that all your employees have access to Health & Safety information. Our free Health & Safety handbook template is the perfect place for you to start putting together all that vital information in one, easy-to-access place.

Key HR & Employment Law Updates 2023

Did you know that changes to holiday pay and entitlement are on the horizon? Or that a new law gives employees a day-one right to request a week of carer’s leave?

Whether this is news to you or you just want more detail on 2023’s top employment law changes, our free guide covers everything small businesses need to know about what’s passed, what’s coming, and how to get prepared.


  • The top 11 employment law changes
  • What are they and have they passed already?
  • What you need to know to get prepared

The menopause at work: a guide for employers

Following the Government report on menopause, which revealed that menopausal women are the fastest growing workplace demographic with cases involving the menopause increasingly at the centre of employment tribunals in the UK. Working in Association with SPVS Citation has produced free guidance for employers on supporting employees going through the menopause. It explains why it is important, what the Employment Law and Health & Safety implications are, and what businesses can do to create a positive and supportive workplace culture.

Professional Support Lawyers in the Citation Employment Law team have also put a menopause policy template together for you to give you a helping hand.

A guide to handling holiday leave

After the past couple of years, the UK is set to see a huge holiday season this summer, and that could have a big impact on employers. We’ve also got a bit of a different year in terms of bank holidays, which has been raising questions about holiday entitlement and allowance.  So, our HR & Employment Law experts have broken down exactly what you need to know to effectively set out and manage holiday leave and entitlement.

  • Handling holiday leave and entitlement
  • Working out holiday allowance for part-time employees
  • Understanding accrued leave
  • Carrying holidays forward – the rules and exceptions

Top tips for preventing employee burnout

More than half (55%) of employees want to work for a company that will actively support their mental health. This percentage has doubled in the last 10 years – which isn’t surprising due to the rocketing numbers of employees reporting that they’re feeling burnt out (a massive 88%, according to research by LumApps).
So, with Mental Health Awareness Week next week, you really can’t miss Citation’s HR & Employment Law experts simple, practical, cost-effective tips to help you prevent employee burnout and keep your people feeling (and performing) at their best.

Employment status: Health & Safety considerations for employers

Employment status. Two words that can strike fear into the heart of any business owner.
When you are the one responsible for the Health & Safety of your people, it can be hard to know where the line stops. What if you have contractors on site? What if you’re using casual workers?
To clear everything up for you our Working in Association with SPVS, Citation, explain everything you need to know when it comes to employment status and Health & Safety in this free guide.

A beginner’s guide to stress risk assessments

  • What are stress risk assessments?
  • What are your legal responsibilities when it comes to stress risk assessments?
  • The HSE’s six Management Standards
  • Who is most at risk of work-related stress and what are the signs?
  • How to help employees with work-related stress

Improving Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

  • What is equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace?
  • Why is it so important – especially right now?
  • How can you proactively improve EDI in the workplace?
  • How to spot the signs of indirect and direct discrimination
  • What are the real business benefits of a diverse workforce?

A quick guide to recruitment and retention

  • How to write a good job advert and job description
  • Where to advertise your vacancy
  • Job interview question examples
  • How to develop a proper induction process
  • Tips to keep your people happy and engaged

Health & Safety enforcements what to look out for

  • What is the FFI?
  • The six top Health & Safety areas the HSE are cracking down on
  • Handy checklists to make sure you’re compliant in each area
  • Your next steps

You’re always busy, aren’t you? At Citation, they get that. That’s why they free up your valuable time so you can focus on what matters most to you. They take away the headache and hassle of ticking off your must-have Health & Safety and HR compliance obligations and tracking the latest legislation changes, so you can get back to work. Oh, and they’ll help you achieve best-practice standards at the same time. Time to take your business where you want it to go.

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