How to improve EMS

Practical advice and top tips for students and practitioners

EMS placements are obviously a key part of the training of veterinary students. However, following discussions with RCVS and Universities, numerous areas of concern were highlighted in the current process. These included variation in experience, consistency, expectations, access to farm practices, expanding student numbers and cost considerations.

Within SPVS we cannot solve all problems relating to EMS, however what we would like to do is to help improve the delivery of EMS through providing advice, webinars, resources and approaches to make it go more smoothly for both student and practice.

A downloadable guide to assessing the risk of introducing a student into your practice during Covid times.

A downloadable self-assessment form for students to provide information to a prospective EMS provider practice prior to undertaking a placement.

These two webinars offer practical advice and top tips on how to improve the EMS experience for both students and busy practitioners.

Helpful links and advice including current covid measures in universities.