EMS Resources for students and practitioners.

The SPVS EMS Working Group have been working to produce resources for students and practitioners to use to improve the quality of the EMS experience.

They have produced three free documents which can be downloaded and personalised as required, EMS Pre Placement Preparation, EMS Induction Document and Skills Matrix.  To find out more about these documents and how to use them please listen to the introduction video.

SPVS EMS Resources

All of these documents are designed as templates and can be personalised by the practice or student as required.

A document for both the student and practice to complete. It provides information about the practice and it’s requirements.

To be completed by the student to try and establish their expectations and needs.

This is designed to help the student assess their level of confidence with a variety of clinical and non-clinical skills.  To help you understand how to use this Skills Matrix and how it can benefit you please view the video.

An introduction to the SPVS EMS resources and how to use them from Pete Orpin, SPVS Board member.
If you have any comments or queries please email office@spvs.org.uk