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Notification of Direct Debit Payment Due Date, Amount or Frequency
Your SPVS membership subscription fee is due on 1st May 2019. Direct Debit payments due in respect of the above Direct Debit Instruction will be for £140.00 and will be collected on or immediately after 1st May 2019.  Please note this payment takes account of the discount for direct debit payers on the full subscription fee of £160.00.
Please note there is no VAT payable on subscription fees and that the Society is included in HM Customs & Revenue List 3 meaning it is permissible to claim income tax relief for your SPVS membership subscription.
Your SPVS membership offers access to a wide range of services designed to support you in business, leadership and networking. Our renowned Surveys (Salary, Fees and Profitability) along with our Benchmarking Schemes will enable you to evaluate your business performance and draw comparisons with others.
Should you have any queries in respect of the notification please email us here or give us a call on 01926 840318, otherwise the Direct Debit collection will be as detailed above.

We take your privacy very seriously and our privacy policy can be viewed  here.

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SPVS Treasurer