Discussion Groups

Email Discussion List

SPVS has an active email discussion group where SPVS members are able to post questions about any topic, clinical or managerial and members will respond with suggestions and their own experience.

Recent topics have understandably been mainly concerned with Covid-19, but have also included ‘Stress relief’ topics ranging from pancake making to landscape projects!

• Furlough and holidays
• Pet Plan insurance and COVID 19
• Second vaccines losing clients
• Local Authority Grant
• Pricing

Threads are then archived so that you can refer back to subjects that have been discussed in the past.  This is a valuable resource, only available to members. This group is based at Groups.io and administered by SPVS Past President, Christine Shield.

If you are a member of SPVS and wish to join the discussion group, please subscribe below.

Facebook Group

Alternatively, we are also on social media – so why not join our Closed Facebook Group, SPVSTalk.

This service is for Members Only, giving you a chance to discuss topics with a network of veterinary professionals, quickly and effectively!

Important Notice

We have updated our Code of Conduct for the SPVS list and all social media accounts belonging to SPVS. We would like to ask all list and Facebook group members to read the new Code of Conduct which is now in force.