New! A free programme of webinars to teach members how to market their practice better online from Connected Vet.

SPVS have tied up with an experienced digital marketing agency to bring members a free, ten-part programme that will help them improve their online marketing.  The programme is called ‘Digital & Content Marketing for Vets’ and will run from April to July.

SPVS Junior VP, Ryan Davis, said “We’ve spent a year developing this programme to help SPVS members improve their digital marketing skills. I’m delighted to announce that we’re now ready to launch it to members.   The programme will be run by Connected Vet, who are one of the most experienced digital marketing agencies working with veterinary practices in the UK today.”

Ten webinars to improve digital marketing for veterinary practices

The series of ten webinars will kick off on Monday 4th April at 13.00 and will continue on various Monday lunchtimes until late June.  Members can see the full programme below and sign up to the various sessions using the links provided.

  1. Programme introduction & the qualities of good websites  04/04/22             Sign up>
  2. How to create a digital marketing strategy & plan               19/04/22             Sign up>
  3. How & why to Search Engine Optimise (SEO) your website 25/04/22             Sign up>
  4. How & why to deploy Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing            09/05/22             Sign up>
  5. How to create a content marketing strategy & plan            17/05/22             Sign up>
  6. How to write for online                                                         24/05/22            Sign up>
  7. How & why to deploy Email marketing                                 06/06/22            Sign up>
  8. How & why to deploy Social Media marketing                     13/06/22            Sign up>
  9. How to deploy analytics & be data compliant                      20/06/22            Sign up>
  10. Pulling it all together                                                              27/06/22            Sign up>

Why Connected Vet

Connected Vet have championed the basics of digital marketing for veterinary practices since they were founded in 2013.  They have presented regularly at SPVS congress, receiving consistently strong feedback for their practical, no-nonsense approach.  This ten-part programme is the culmination of their experience, distilled into a format that’s designed to give busy practice staff the most useful and usable insights in the minimum possible time.

Additional marketing support

As part of the deal SPVS has put together with Connected Vet, detailed sessions will be available to members who want to look deeper into any of the subjects covered.  Various discounts have also been negotiated on Connected Vet’s normal rates for SPVS members.