Covid-19.  Practical advice from SPVS

The Delta variant is significantly more infectious than previous strains and has the ability to evade even the strictest of lockdowns. The primary method of spread is through sharing common airspaces with infected people. The objective is make sure the veterinary workplace is low and lower than the risks of the domestic settings.

A 20 minute video developed by SPVS to help you further reduce the risks of COVID in your practice to minimise the impact of the disease keeping your team healthy, plus a supporting downloadable PDF.

This webinar offers practical advice and top tips on how to improve the EMS experience for both students and busy practitioners. It focuses on the particular challenges faced during Covid and offers solutions on how to get the best from EMS during these tricky times.

Three videos to help you and your team.
The first two help to understand the relative risks of disease introduction and the third offers top tips on Covid risks, plans and strategies.

Practical decision making: Covid Control during the Transition.
A template devised by SPVS to aid decision making, with supporting videos.

1&2.  COVID 19 – Economic sustainability of veterinary practices.  Planning, tools and top tips.
3. Practical Help Part 1: Improving Client Flow, Streamlining and Efficiencies
4. Practical Help Part 2: Improving Practice Turnover and Profits Safely during COVID Times

SPVS has conducted two surveys during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. The first, announced the the last week of March 2020, focuses on wellbeing, finance, COVID 19 knowledge and next steps. The second reviewed progress with concerns in between 27th April- May 11th 2020 and focused on potential capacity under current working arrangements, limits to capacity, satisfaction with social distancing, income and future intentions.

The Scenario Planning Tool has been designed by Anval Ltd for SPVS members. Its purpose is to help practices with their financial planning for a range of scenarios. It allows practices to predict more accurately which is the best economic strategy for them to utilise. It can also be used for reviewing and developing business strategy now, and over coming weeks and months.
Update – The Scenario Planning Tool has now been updated in Version 2 to allow you to see how altering charges and throughput can influence your target profits or achieve break even.

In the recent SPVS Covid-19 survey of members two of the areas of greatest concern were the health and welfare of colleagues, and of the individual.  In response we encourage all members of the profession to engage with developing their own wellbeing toolkit, and to help staff and colleagues to do the same. We cannot stress enough that wellbeing should be prioritised to survive and thrive both in the short and medium-long term.

This active discussion group offers support, information, encouragement and some much needed light relief at this difficult time.
“It’s been said before but the SPVS list is right now invaluable for both work and mind. Lots of support here so thank you all.”

It is vital that you protect your employees and their relatives. SPVS has produced two meeting templates, part one, Controlling the spread of COVID-19 and part two, Practical Planning for COVID-19 when the disease spreads. These templates are powerpoint presentations that you may wish to use in your discussions with staff whilst developing your own COVID-19 control and contingency plans. Government advice will in part shape policy and SPVS does not believe that we should provide medical advice. We hope this tool will help you with the practical measures you can take to inform and engage staff to ensure you have a coherent covid-19 plan

The purpose of this presentation is to explain the roles of the different organisations and to provide help for you during this difficult time.
There are still a large number of unknowns and the vet profession is doing what it can to help protect workers and clients whilst still providing a service.

A check list with useful links to help shape your COVID-19 planning provided by SPVS

Links to other pages with useful advice and information.

SPVS and VMG have partnered with Keystone and VetPodCasts to bring you a series of podcasts during these strange and challenging times.  Topics include Understanding Furlough, Cashflow in a Crisis and The coronavirus crisis and the online revolution.