Four Free webinars for SPVS Members hosted by Brian Faulkner

Simple but effective KPIs (SPVS)

Event Date: 04/11/2021    Location: Online     Start Time: 2:00 pm    End Time: 3:00 pm

Veterinary Business Leaders can organise their systems and processes in order to achieve 4 core outcomes: clinical resolution, client satisfaction, financial resolution, and colleague satisfaction. This webinar explores, discusses, and explains the Key Performance Indicators that can be used to track these outcomes and exactly how they are calculated. Crucially this webinar provides you with actual numbers so that you can benchmark your practice’s performance against others.

Pricing principles and strategies (SPVS)

Event Date: 13/01/2022          Location: Online           Start Time: 2:00 pm           End Time: 3:00 pm

This webinar covers the principles and logic of your price list, typical mark-ups and margins, as well as tactics for efficient estimating and charging. One of the most common causes of undercharging is guesstimating or inefficient estimating / charging systems.

Basic HR from the Lead Vet’s point of view (SPVS)

Event Date: 10/03/2022        Location: Online       Start Time: 2:00 pm       End Time: 3:00 pm

This webinar explores the day-to-day management processes that enable a ‘soft’ approach to learning and development. We will also look at what to do when a colleague’s behaviour is not as expected or desired and how to have a difficult conversation but in a constructive manner as well as how to decide if, when and how to escalate your approach to a more formal disciplinary process.

Understanding and using your P&L to improve your profitability (SPVS)

Event Date: 12/05/2022         Location: Online         Start Time: 2:00 pm           End Time: 3:00 pm

This webinar will look at how to read and understand the profit and loss sheet. We will also cover the ‘differential diagnoses’ of high cost of sales, high staff costs and overheads. It finishes with a simple but very useful algorithm that all practice leaders should know that helps them conceptualise, diagnose and decide which specific areas they need to address, and how, should they wish to improve their practice’s financial performance.