SPVS Social Media and Discussion List Code of Conduct

We have updated our Code of Conduct for the SPVS list and all social media accounts belonging to SPVS. We would like to ask all list and Facebook group members to read the new Code of Conduct which is now in force.  SPVS reserves the right to give warnings to and if necessary to remove any members who breach this code of conduct.  If any members feel that a post(s) breach this code you can contact the SPVS office confidentially to raise any concerns.  All concerns will be taken seriously and discussed by Board in order to decide the most appropriate response or action.  This will be communicated in full to the member who raised the concern.

Be friendly
In short: don’t say anything to forum users that you wouldn’t say to their face. Please avoid hateful speech, and don’t attack anybody on the basis of their race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age or religion. We operate a ‘no bickering’ policy on the forum – any threads started with the intention of causing arguments, or that degenerate into childish bickering or language will be deleted and the author(s) will be given warnings and could face being removed from the list either due to the severity of the incident or repetitive nature.

Be constructive
Robust healthy debate is fine and we welcome it, but please tolerate and respect opinions that differ from your own, and maintain a reasonable tone in your posts. Also, try to keep to the theme of any threads you post on, so the forum remains useful to everybody.

Be considerate and respectful
Our members are from all parts of the profession and represent but aren’t limited to Vet Students, Vet Graduates, employed colleagues, RVNs, Practice owners and Directors, Clinical Directors, Practice Managers, Industry representatives, Academics and many more.  Everyone comes here for help, advice and support. Make them welcome, be generous with your knowledge and don’t ridicule or belittle anybody for their lack of knowledge or experience or job role.

Be compliant
This list is for people to give support, advice and help. It is not for people to promote their individual services, businesses or practices for any form of commercial or professional gain.

The professional members of SPVS who are veterinary surgeons and RVNs all abide by their respective codes of conduct.  One part of this code of conduct is included in our list code of conduct for all members of this forum, regardless of member’s qualifications or job roles. The RCVS code of conduct statement is extended to cover not just individuals but professional bodies, companies, institutions, charities and any company or body affiliated with the veterinary industry.

RCVS Code of Conduct for Veterinary Surgeons
5.2 Veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses should not speak or write disparagingly about another veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse. Colleagues should be treated fairly, without discrimination and with respect, in all situations and in all forms of communication

Be honest
Please don’t pretend to be another forum user, or a public figure, or infringe copyright by using other people’s text and images without permission.