Postcard from the President

It was a pleasure to attend the inaugural WellVet Weekend. I can’t claim to have joined in the 7am Wakey Wakey Run, but there was clearly a buzz of excitement around Girton College when I arrived, and it was a great occasion at which to launch this year’s SPVS/Mind Matters Vet Wellbeing Awards.

SPVS draws it members from veterinary business leaders – practice owners, clinical directors, joint venture partners and others in senior roles across the profession – and central to our aim is the promotion of responsible leadership.

Responsible leadership is about having businesses that are run ethically and sustainably, and it involves being aware of all the stakeholders in the organisation: suppliers, the environment, the local community, future generations and employees.

Whilst some aspects may seem less relevant to veterinary businesses, and can come at an additional cost, looking after employees is really a no-brainer, because a happy workforce is not just good for the people involved, it’s good for the business as well.

So why not get your business to enter this year’s Vet Wellbeing Awards? Simply applying can be a fantastic morale boost for the team as you take time to recognise what you do to support one another, but there’s the added incentive of winning, with a paid for trip to the SPVS/VMG Congress in January 2019. You can find out more by clicking on this link: