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Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons

Swindon Vets4Pets

Clare Dudley and Tanya Crawley are joint JVPs; Claire’s background is the Navy, and she leads on people development, Tanya, a vet, leads on clinical development. They believe that the profession is full of passionate, dedicated individuals but that this can sometimes be taken for granted, leading to staff burnout. Claire and Tanya demonstrate strong leadership and well developed staff development programmes.

At Swindon Vets4Pets, there is an acknowledgement that everyone is different with one on one mentoring, regular appraisals where realistic targets are agreed and opportunities for more junior members of the team to shadow those who are more senior including the JVPs. Vets have individual performance reports each month to help guide and develop their progression. There are clinical workshops and visits to other centres, allowing the team to share knowledge and gain experience. CPD is mandatory and uncapped and includes a subscription to online CPD which is used independently and in groups. They are a Nurse Training Practice and encourage and fund not only clinical, but customer service, marketing and management courses for all, including the Reception Team. Swindon Vets4Pets offer a genuine 40 hour week including paid breaks, made up of 3 weekdays and equally shared weekends. A non-rolling rota ensures people can plan their leisure time and get the days off they want.

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