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Stanley House Veterinary Group

Like many other practices, the team at Stanley House Vets found themselves working harder and harder in order to provide the level of service they believed their clients deserve. Employing more staff would help, but as everyone knows, finding the right people at the right price is increasingly difficult. Their solution? To act like a family, making their practice somewhere people want to work and stay and then extending their reach to new graduates.

Like any good family, Stanley House give support to their team members, while at the same time fostering independence. Partly through necessity, like many other practices, they have started to recruit new graduates and that has meant putting in place a mentoring system. The whole practice has gained from this as teaching and training new graduates in both clinical and social skills has meant the more experienced vets have also had to reassess their competencies. Fast tracking social and communication skills allows vets to be more relaxed with clients and gain their confidence. This is such an important component to overall job satisfaction and wellbeing. In 2016, the practice were recognised as ‘Pendle Employer of the Year’.

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