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Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons

Sandhole Veterinary Centre, Kent

Husband and wife team, Verity and Ian Johnson believe from their experience, that veterinary practice can attract caring, over achieving, perfectionists and that the demands of the job can make these people particularly vulnerable. That, combined with increasing focus within the profession on mental health led them to set up an initiative to put wellbeing at the heart of their culture.

Sandhole set up a practice ‘Wellbeing Week’ with competitions for such things as the most colourful healthy lunch, daily emails with tips and techniques to help boost happiness levels, lunchtime walks, encouraging the team to get some fresh air and exercise, and a yoga and laughter workshop. The most successful activities might then continue all year. Inevitably some activities might be forgotten, but the following year’s Wellbeing week refocuses everyone. This is not about putting wellbeing into a once a year box and ticking it off as ‘done’. It is about a focus for wellbeing that then allows it to be ingrained in the culture and underpin everything they do, bringing it ot the top of the agenda, ensuring it is talked about and creating a supportive working environment where the team all work together.

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