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If you are interested in joining SPVS – please download and save our interactive application form to your computer. This form can be filled in electronically. Once complete, use the submit button to email it back to us and we will contact you to confirm details and arrange payment. Alternatively, you can call 01926 840318 and we will sign you up over the phone.

Membership Categories and Costs:

Vet Full Membership

Available to all MRCVS, this membership allows access to all SPVS membership benefits.

Cost: £160.00 (£140.00 when payment is made by direct debit)

Non Vet Membership

Available to non-MRCVS who are currently, or have spent a substantial proportion of their career, working in
veterinary practice.
Membership excludes Voting Rights.

Cost: £160.00 (£140.00 when payment is made by direct debit)

Vet/Non Vet Additional Member

Available where there is already a SPVS full member in the practice. This membership allows access to all
SPVS membership benefits, but only Vet Members will have Voting Rights.

Cost: £70.00 (£65.00 when payment is made by direct debit)

Vet or Non-Vet Member plus CPD for support staff

One named Vet or Non-Vet member and SPVS member rates for all non-MRCVS support staff attending
Access to benefits such as Practice Life, E Group, Preferential Deals, Voting Rights & Surveys are for Named Members Only

Cost when paying by direct debit:

  • 1-10 Staff £210.00
  • 11-40 Staff £260.00
  • 41-100 Staff £310.00
  • 100+ Staff £360.00

Vet Part Time

Includes the same benefits as full membership available for those who work 30 hrs or less per week.

Cost: £100.00 (£95.00 when payment is made by direct debit)

Student Recent Graduate

Available to all veterinary students and recent graduates up to five years graduated. Includes access to the
CV reading service and telephone support and online only access to Practice Life and the Surveys.

£45.00 (£40.00 if paying by direct debit)

Retired members

Retired MRCVS

£45.00 per annum (£40.00 if paid by direct debit), at the discretion of the Council of the Society .

Direct Debit Mandate

With access to support & advice, exclusive content, event discounts and more – find out why you should join SPVS today!
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